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11th November 2019

A small working party on Saturday set into the bodywork around the guards van area on 51618. For a change it's not as bad as we expected it would be. Some work will also need to be done to the roof to replace an earlier patch with a welded version. Work also took place in needle gunning the front of 56097. The temperatures were quite cold as witnessed in the photo!

Class 109

On Sunday a team set into antifreeze checks on the fleet. Rusty was witnessed laughing at members working in the cold weather.

Class 104

A sliding light which had fallen apart was removed from 54504 and replaced with a ply version while the original can be prepared.

A door which had been reported as faulty in 50454 was investigated, with no fault found. However the lock was stripped down and greased.

The M-Exam on the 104 was also started, mainly in the electrical areas.

In the 105, the day was spent cutting and fitting vertical timbers to the vestibule walls ready for the wall panels to attach to. Quite a bitty job, but one that is essential.

4th November 2019

Another busy week of operations, with the 104 out each day of the week, on some days carrying over a hundred people!

Class 104
Class 104

The secondmans side of the Gloucester has been treated to some new steps, which have been freshly painted. Work has also started on fabricating a steel plate that will allow the 4 jumper cables to enter the cab on the secondmans side, and reach the terminal board. Next up is to fit the conduit.

Class 100
Class 100